FAS Mountaineering school – for people with experience

FAS mountaineering studies is a 60-credit education in mountaineering and guiding. Because of the situation today we would like to welcome more students into our program in the spring semester. People receiving unemployment benefits can join this program without their benefits being cut. See the project: Learning is an opportunity.

All applicants for the spring semester will have to go through a qualification evaluation, where their experience and knowledge will be evaluated.

Do you have experience or knowledge that you think would benefit you in FAS mountaineering program ?

Application deadline 15th of December.

Qualification Evaluation

The qualification evaluation will assess parts of the fall semester of the FAS - mountaineering school. Including navigation, map reading and basic knowledge of rope work. Prospective students will receive a thorough list for preparations for the evaluation and should be able to prepare well. All of those who have some experience or knowledge regarding mountaineering should feel at home in this qualification evaluation. The knowledge can come from various directions, for example the tourism industry, rescue teams or other courses.


How does this work?

  • You apply for the spring semester 2021 and state your prior experience and knowledge.

  • Prospective students will be notified if they are accepted into the qualification evaluation.

  • Remember, it’s important to practice before the evaluation.

  • The first course will start on the 4th of January and students start with a Group Management and Leadership course.

  • The qualification evaluation will be from 8-11th of January 2021.

  • After the evaluation students will be notified if they’ve been accepted into the program and what parts they have been evaluated on, on the 13th of January.

  • All of those who are accepted into the program will have to attend preparation courses:

  • 22-25th of January – Navigation, route cards, knots, weather and glaciology and trip organization.

  • 29-1st of February – Glacier preparation course, rappelling and anchors.

  • Then the following courses in the mountaineering program will start like in the calendar below.


The program will give students the rights within the Association of Icelandic Mountain Guides (AIMG). Students will partake in AIMG Glacier 1 and AIMG Mountain 1 Students will also partake in First Aid 1&2 from ICE SAR.

Academic and self-led courses

Academic courses and self-led courses are thought via distance learning and students can study whenever they please from wherever in the country.

Group management and leadership (this course is the first one you start this semester)
Self-led trips
Job training

Practical learning

Practical courses will be held according to the calendar, their duration is from 4 days up to 7 days.

  • First aid 1&2
  • Ski touring
  • Winter trip
  • Kayak
  • AIMG Glacier 1
  • AIMG Mountain 1
  • Mountain biking
  • Rock climbing
  • Skill assessment trip
  • Practical information


    FAS Mountaineering studies is intended to increase the student’s skillset and knowledge to travel around mountain and wilderness areas in Iceland. Minimum age for applying is 18 years and there is a high emphasis on mountain guiding and professionalism.


    FAS Mountaineering studies cost 6000 kr. per semester. In addition, there can be addition cost for accommodation, travel and personal equipment which is a required for participating in this program.


    Students need to have their own personal equipment and a list of what’s needed can be found on this website under “Equipment”. The school will supply technical equipment, such as tents, glacier and climbing gear, mountain bikes and kayak for example.


    You can finish matriculation on specialized selective program in FAS with mountaineering as a focus.


    Students can book accommodation through FAS while practical courses are being held. The cost for accommodation can differ, depending on number of students. The school tries to have the price for accommodation not exceeding 5000 kr. per night. A big part of the time during practical courses students will stay in tents and then the cost is usually minimal.

    What next?

    The mountaineering studies of FAS are working on a second year and that will be introduced during the spring term of 2021. The second year will be a further specialization in mountain guiding.