Organization of postgraduate studies

The guide course with a focus on mountaineering guiding is a 60-unit specialized program in mountaineering and guiding. Students must complete 54 credits to graduate. The program spans two semesters.

Studying on the track is intended to increase students’ ability to travel through the mountains and wilderness in Iceland and to be able to lead a group of people in a safe and responsible manner.

To start a course in guiding with an emphasis on mountaineering guiding, the applicant must have completed a basic course in mountaineering (guide with an emphasis on glacier guiding), a matriculation certificate, a journeyman’s certificate or another similar study. Exams from primary subject departments of universities are considered equivalent to a matriculation exam. Applicants who have reached the age of 18 and have no formal education but have worked in mountaineering tourism can request an exemption from the admission requirements.

Book courses in the FAS mountaineering course are taught remotely and practical courses are taught steadily throughout the semester for 4-7 days at a time. You can view the graduate program calendar on this page to see when courses are taught.