Application for an undergraduate program in FAS Mountaineering Studies

Applications for the FAS mountaineering program have now been closed

Completing this questionnaire is required for your application to be considered valid.

The first year program can be taken over the course of two (one year) or four semesters(two years). Information about study arrangements and calendar can be found on if you press the blue link. 

It is important to familiarise yourself with the program and its calendar before applying.

The cost of the program is ISK 75,000 per semester or ISK 150,000 a year, can be spread over 4 semester if people choose half speed.

Note that there will be limited places in the first year program, the selection for the program will be based on these factors:
Learning progress in other studies
Mountaineering experience and background
Whether the students intends to make mountaineering a profession
Commitment and flexibility to the studies
Other factors that are considered important

So take the time to answer the questions below and write more than less.